The 5 Most Important Things I Learned My First 6 Months Teaching Yoga

The 5 Most Important Things I Learned My First 6 Months Teaching Yoga

I've been anxiously waiting to share this post with you, but I wanted to wait until I had 6 months of experience teaching yoga before I did! Also, has it already been 6 months?! Time flies without you even realizing it! 

I am going to start by saying that I honestly never thought I would be a yoga teacher. I'm an introvert and far from a public speaker. In fact, public speaking terrifies me to a point where I become nauseous and clammy. Given this, you may be wondering why I decided to enroll in a teacher training program.  I actually did it to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga without any intentions of teaching. As I dove deeper into my teacher training, I felt a calling to teach and share the practice of yoga with others.

The Beginning of a New Journey

Hello and welcome!

Lately, I have had the urge to share my story with readers. Maybe it’s because I have been paving a new path for myself in life and feel very inspired during this time. But, I also feel as if I haven’t truly shared my story with you. Sure, I’ve shared bits and pieces of what’s going on in my life through Instagram and other social media platforms, but I’ve never openly and honestly told my story on my blog. So, I figured what better time than now? A little disclaimer, I am still working on the whole openness part of this so bear with me. One day, I will be brave and learn to share all the juicy details.

Some of you have followed me on my journey from the beginning and some are just recently joining me, therefore I am just going to sum up my story and how it has led me to be here today writing this post. All through college I aspired to be some big shot in the fashion industry. There were many long nights spent in the studio sketching and sewing all sorts of designs. This is where blogging kind of started for me. I began sharing my outfits and writing about the ever-changing trends. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m that girl who has had multiple domain names: most recent being Planted On The Mat (insert eye roll).  Anyway, upon graduation, fashion brought me to New York City for an internship and eventually a career. Once I moved here for the internship, NYC captured me and I have yet to find anywhere cooler to live (except maybe a remote island). As time went on living in the city, building new relationships, and working in the fashion industry, I began to struggle with severe anxiety. This is when I discovered the practice of yoga.

Discovering yoga has changed my life in so many ways. After a couple of years of consistent practice, I decided to enroll in a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my personal practice as well as have the option to teach if I ever desired. During this time, things were becoming very difficult for me at work. I was struggling with a toxic work environment and a boss who created fear and angst. Eventually, it became too much and I made the scary decision to quit my job and say goodbye to the fashion industry.

The past couple of months have been a journey of highs and lows, but I do not regret one moment. This journey is what has allowed me to find my voice and courage to teach and share the benefits of yoga with others as well as launch my own wellness brand. It is what has inspired me to be sitting in this spot sharing this story with you. And most importantly, this new journey what has encouraged me to start walking the path of self-discovery and to continually seek true happiness through being my most authentic self.

If you ever have doubts or questions about your life, I encourage you to explore them instead of pushing them to the side without much though. You never know where they may lead you.