Matcha Energy Bliss Balls


Raise your hand if you love snacks! I am all about snacking, but I always try to make sure I snack mindfully. Simple ingredients and all-natural energy support make these nutrient packed Matcha Energy Bliss Balls a must have for your busy day or when you just need an afternoon pick me up without the caffeine jitters. Not to mention they are full of antioxidants all thanks to the matcha green tea leafs and free of refined sugars and gluten.


For newbie matcha drinkers and long sippers, you just can't go wrong with these tasty Matcha Energy Bliss Balls. To be honest, I made a batch and devoured them before I was able to take photos for this post to share with you, opps! But it was the perfect excuse to make more!



¾ cup raw cashews
¼ cup raw pistachios
¼ cup shredded coconut flakes, unsweetened
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp matcha powder (I used The Matcha Reserve, see below for discount code)
1 tbsp coconut oil (I use Artisana Raw Coconut Oil)
12-15 pitted dates
¼ cup raw pistachios chopped (keep separate from above portion)

**Optional to add CBD oil to bliss balls (check out my blog post CBD OIL 101: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS HEALING ELIXIR to learn more about CBD oil!)


  1. Place all ingredient (except ¼ cup raw pistachios) into a food processor (a Nutribullet works just fine!). Process for 1 minute until finely chopped and blended.

  2. Using a spoon, scoop out balls of mixture and roll between your hands. Try to make ½ -1 in. balls.

  3. Once you’ve created the balls, roll them a second time in the finely chopped pistachios.

  4. Refrigerate for 15 minutes and ENJOY!

**Note: balls are best kept refrigerated to create and maintain gooey-ness!

As always, if you try this recipe I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section and see photos of your balls on Instagram by tagging #recipeswithalexandra!

Happy snackin’ folks!






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