6 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Workout

How many times have you said "I really need to go to the gym" or " I should probably start working out again."? Probably more than you can count. I was once one of those who was very guilty of procrastinating when it came to working out and sometimes still am. I would have all intentions of making it to the gym or a workout class, but then would end up skipping it and guilt myself for not just going to the class. I've kind of learned that yoga pants are much more efficient during a workout than worn on the couch. 

Below are a few tips that I want to share with you because they have helped me to keep my mind motivated and my body moving. But always keep in mind, life can get busy and every little effort counts so don't beat yourself up on days you where ya just can't make it to the gym! Rest days are good too.


1. Change your perspective.

I honestly believe we are capable of doing anything we set our mind to. A negative mindset will no doubt set you up for failure. If working out is something that you dread, give yourself a positive pep talk. Sometimes it's helpful to list out (mentally or in a journal) a few reasons why you workout or want to workout. This can be quite motivating.

2. Location is key.

Find a gym or studio that is in a close proximity to your work or home. During days when your motivation is at a low this can really make a difference. You'll be more obligated to go if your workout is within reasonable distance. Also, you can always workout at home on days when you REALLY (I mean really really) don't feel like going to the gym but I personally find it more difficult to find motivation for at-home work outs!

If you do happen to have some awesome at home workout video recommendations, please send them my way! 


3. Schedule your workouts.

Make Google Calendar (or any other calendar) your best friend. Seriously, I use my calendar for everything from work responsibilities, to self-care time, and of course scheduling my work-outs. By blocking off time in your calendar you are making a commitment to yourself. 

4. Try a group fitness class.

If you're anything like me, working out solo is tough. I find it very hard to find the motivation to go to the gym and workout unless I am going to a group fitness class. My favorite part of a group class is the energy in the room, it's always so inspiring and helps to kick my booty into gear!

5. Workout with a friend.

Find a workout buddy to help hold you accountable. When you feel like bailing on your workout, your friend can hold you accountable and vise versa! Also, it's more fun to work out with someone and you can even try partner workouts.....or acro yoga!


6. Keep it fresh.

Change things up every now and then. Not only will you see more results by switching it up a bit, you will also keep your work out from getting boring! For me, yoga is my preferred method of movement (I try to practice daily) but sometimes I like to throw in a HIT workout or boxing class to keep it fresh!


I hope you find these tips to be helpful! And remember, the more you show up for yourself the easier it gets! As always, if you have any tips to share or find this post to be helpful let me know by leaving some love in the comment section!