Why You Should Be Protecting Your Pits and Switching to All-Natural Deodorant

Most of us depend on our deodorant like it’s water, especially those in the fitness industry, but do you ever stop and think about what is actually in that little stick that you swipe on your armpits everyday? If this hasn’t crossed your mind I’ll save you the time and go ahead and suggest that if you're not already using an all-natural deodorant that you toss the little stick in the trash. There are a lot of pitfalls to using conventional deodorants (pun intended, hehe).


Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemicals such as parabens and aluminum that are extremely harmful to our bodies. Parabens are preservatives that are commonly found in beauty products and have been known to mimic the estrogen hormone which is also associated with forms of Breast Cancer and has been linked to tumors. And the biggest worry about the aluminum compounds that are found in conventional deodorants aren’t that it's staining your clothes, the aluminum is causing Alzheimer's, Breast Cancer, and infertility. But that’s not all, antiperspirants work by closing your pores to prevent perspiration, which only causes all that sweat to build up under your skin. This causes painful bumps and irritation on your skin and not to mention it’s good for your skin to sweat! Pretty scary stuff, right?

Don’t sweat it though! Natural deodorant is a great cure to all of these problems! So what is so awesome about all-natural deodorant? Well instead of closing your pores and preventing sweat like antiperspirants, all-natural deodorants work to eliminate the odor caused by the bacteria but still allow you to sweat and release toxins. Your pits will also thank you for not subjecting them to irritation by using chemical induced deodorants. And you can say goodbye to all of those annoying white stains that deodorant leaves on your clothes because all-natural doesn’t contain aluminum, the culprit of the stains!

If you’re considering making the switch after reading this blog post, I’ve tested and reviewed a few brands below in hopes of helping you find the right all-natural deodorant for you. Remember, everyBODY is different and not every deodorant will be your stick in shining armor protecting you from stench! Go ahead and try a few and then go with what works best for you because we all know body odor ain’t pleasant! Now let's get to the reviews...

Natural Deodorant Collage.jpg

Lavanila Sports Luxe ($14): the most effective out of all of the all-natural deodorants I have tried! It is long lasting and I only have to apply once in the morning, which is shocking considering how sweaty my lifestyle is as a yoga instructor! Note, I haven't tried their regular deodorant, just the "sports luxe!" They also have minis which are great for travel!

Tom's of Maine ($5): the scent is nice, but I had to reapply about 3 times a day. I also experienced a little dryness under my arms after use. It can be found in many stores as it's one of the most mainstream all-natural deodorants, but personally not my biggest recommendation.

Vapour AER ($24): a little expensive, but it works. I love the Palo Santo + Blood Orange scent. It's worth it if you're willing to spend a pretty penny on your pits. Also, make sure to check out their other clean beauty products!

Schmidt's ($9): affordable and effective! They have a large variety of scents, I have tried a few and love them all! It is a pretty popular brand and can be found at many places like Wholefoods.

If you've made the switch to all-natural deodorant and have any recommendations or make your own DIY style, drop a line in the comment section! I am always looking to try something new!


With love,