I Tried An All-Natural Sleep Patch And Here Is What Happened


We have all been victims to insomnia a time or two and I am going to say it is probably safe to assume you’re here reading this post because you’re included in the 50-70 million American adults that suffer from sleep issues (stat credit: American Sleep Association). That’s about 1/3 of the American population that is struggling with sleep issues meaning you’re not alone! There are several reasons we could be losing sleep, but one of the biggest causes of insomnia is stress. I’ll be the first to admit that when I find myself tossing and turning all night it’s usually because I have something that is causing me anxiety.

Lack of sleep can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Have you ever had one of those days where you’re so exhausted that pretty much everything makes you upset to the point of crying? Yep, I’ve had plenty of those days and they suck. Sleep not only rejuvenates our energy but it’s also essential for brain function, healthy skin, muscle growth, tissue repair, and hormone synthesis. And it’s not just about how long you sleep, but also how well you sleep.

So how do we achieve such peaceful sleep when we constantly find ourselves rolling over to check the time on the clock, to realize only 5 minutes have passed? I may just have the perfect solution for you to combat those sleepless nights.


Recently, I’ve been running off about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. YIKES. As a yoga teacher, my schedule often requires me to wake up around 5:30 AM most mornings which usually leaves me to find myself crashing around noon, dosing up on caffeine, and then ending up extremely anxious. It’s a vicious cycle. So when Klova reached out to me to try their all-natural sleep patches, I jumped on the opportunity of potentially having a better night sleep. As they say at Klova, “a healthy sleep leads to a healthier body and mind.”

I’ve tried a long list of all-natural sleep remedies but never found any to be truly effective until I tried Klova, which is made from Melatonin and other active ingredients including Magnesium, Valerian, and L-Theanine (see full list here). Let me start with saying, I once took Melatonin every night (average 15 mg) and still found myself staring at the ceiling all night counting sheep in my head so I was a little skeptical that these patches would work for me.

After a week of using the Klova All-Natural Sleep ZPatch, I can honestly say I feel well-rested and have noticed an improvement in the overall quality and longevity of my sleep. The patches are super convenient and I’ve been incorporating them into my nightly routine. I find myself falling asleep shortly after my head hits the pillow and waking up feeling well rested. Not to mention I am no longer waking up 5 times throughout the night!


So what exactly are Klova All-Natural Sleep ZPatches and how do they work…..?

Klova offers a Sleep Hygiene test which sparked my interest, so my first step was to take this quiz and find out just how poorly I was sleeping. It turns out my Sleep Hygiene score was a 22, which isn’t terrible but could use improvement. I can’t imagine how the people who have worse sleep problems than I do feel! Okay, let’s get back to what these sleep patches are and how to use them. Like I said earlier, it’s so simple. The Klova All-Natural Sleep ZPatch is made of three layers: the contact layer exclusive to the all-natural adhesive allowing it to stick, the formula layer which releases nutrients for up to 8 hours, and the foam backing layer which is for structural support helping the patch to stay on all night long.

There are several places that you can apply the patch including your arm, shoulder, back, thigh, and foot. Aim for those places that don’t have much hair, so the removal isn’t painful! I’ve been wearing my patch on my arm and shoulder and I usually like to apply it 30-45 minutes before I go to bed. And that’s all there is to it, now curl into bed and enjoy that good night sleep! It really is as simple as “peel, stick, and sleep!”

Are you ready to get the best night sleep? Use code WELCOME25 to get 25% off of your purchase and try Klova’s All-Natural Sleep ZPatches!

Sweet dreams!



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