New Year, New Intentions

HELLO 2018 & Happy New Year to you all!


Last year, I started the ritual of writing down monthly intentions for myself. This ritual was inspired by one of my favorite wellness bloggers Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde! If you're a wellness or spirituality junkie and don't already know her, I highly recommend checking out her blog! By taking the time to write down my intentions I have been able to stay focused and on the path to accomplishing my goals. My intentions aren't always focused on things such as conquering my forearm stand (although that is in the books for 2018!), but more focused towards ways I can better myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

This year instead of getting all dressed up and hitting the town to celebrate New Years, I decided to stay home and spend a little time relaxing and rejuvenating for 2018. We had a nice dinner at home (vegan style!) with our best friends and then I closed out the night by saging our space and writing down my intentions for 2018. I am not ashamed to admit I was tucked away and sound asleep by 10 PM! It was the perfect night and just what my mind and body needed to begin a new year.

So... now I'd like to share my intentions with you (and an exciting project I have in the works)!

2018 Intentions Artwork

+ Focus on the positive, no negative energy!

+ Blog weekly (it doesn't have to be lengthy, just write!)

+ Build my personal brand Wellness With Alexandra, including creating a YouTube channel! Stay tuned for more details to come!

+ Let go of what does not serve me. 

+ Judge less, be more compassionate

+ Slow down :: not everything has to happen at once...

+ Give more of my energy to the things I am truly passionate about and focus less on all the others.

+ More self-care, because it is well deserved and important not selfish!

+ Meditate more and try to make a habit. Instead of always saying "I need to meditate," take action!

+ Love yourself unconditionally. There is nothing more powerful than self-love.

+ Learn more about astrology, crystals, and all things so called "woo woo!"

+ Go to bed EARLIER, rise with the sun

+ Less phone, more in real life experiences.

+ Experiment more with plant-based medicines.

+ Continue to grow as a yoga teacher and find my true voice.


I am so happy the New Year has arrived and I am ready for all of the exciting things that this year has in store! The year of 2017 was a good one, but without a doubt 2018 will be the best yet! Don't forget to check out my last blog post of the year, Farewell to 2017: My Valuable and Life Changing Experiences of the Year!

Now, lets hear from YOU! What are some of your intentions for 2018? I'd love for you to share them in the comment section below!