Farewell to 2017: My Valuable and Life Changing Experiences of the Year

Every year about this time of year I find my self saying, "this year flew by!," but this year I am thinking "damn, 2017 you were a long one!". From major shifts in my lifestyle and career, to a lot of jaw dropping headlines in the news, and the loss of Tom Petty. A lot has happened. 

As I sit down to write this post I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of content I could share here. But don't worry, I won't highlight everything because that could keep you here for hours and I personally am not one for too sitting long. So in honor of saying farewell to 2017 here are a of the valuable and life changing experiences I had this year.

-Becoming my own Girl Boss.-

This year I made a huge decision to quit my full-time job in fashion (check out The Beginning of a New Journey). I was enrolled in a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training and I was having major doubts about my career path. As the training was coming to an end, I decided that I was going to quit my job and pursue teaching yoga (read about The 5 Most Important Things I Learned My First 6 Months Teaching Yoga!). Of course, I have some side hustles that help me to sustain an income too. Without a doubt it was scary to lose the stability of a 9-5 job, but I have zero regrets. I love having the freedom to pursue things I am truly passionate about and to be able to share them with others, including you! 

I am so grateful that my  Athleta  family opens up their space for me to share the practice of yoga with others.
Don't forget to check your  local Athleta store calendar  for free classes and events!

-Learning that #selfcaresunday isn't just for Sundays.-

It's okay to be *selfish* and take time for yourself because self-care is important. Whether it be getting a massage, working out, meditating, or soaking in the tub, set aside time everyday to nurture your mind, body, and soul. My idea of a good self-care ritual is spending some time on my yoga mat followed by a bath with essential oils and a face mask. 

There was a time when I was a studio junkie and would only practice if I went to a class. Now, I love rolling out my yoga mat in the living room and just moving with how my body feels.
My favorite face mask of 2017 was the  BeautyCounter Balancing Facial Mask , it did wonders for my skin!
I always like to have a good book to read while I take a bath.  Material Girl, Mystical World  is a must read!

-Creating a morning ritual has helped me to become more grounded and has increased my productivity throughout the day.-

Before I started practicing yoga, I would reluctantly roll out of bed and immediately start getting ready for work. I never carved out any extra time in the morning to get myself grounded. I didn't intentionally start a morning routine, it kind of just came when I started doing my yoga practice in the morning. From there it grew into something I look forward to each morning when I wake up and when I skip out on my routine I feel way out of whack. If you're wanting to create your own morning routine, check out my post Tips For Creating A Mindful Morning.

There is nothing better I love more than starting my day with some puppy love and yoga!

-I was putting too much pressure on myself by trying to label my diet, instead I need to focus on eating foods that make me feel good.-

Before I turned into an utmost #wellnessjunkie, I didn't think twice about the foods I consumed. Cheeseburgers from Steak n' Shake were my go-to when ordering from Seamless and I dreaded even the thought of a salad. When I started to become more mindful of the foods I nourished my body with I started to notice a huge difference in how I felt physically, mentally, and emotionally. As I dove deeper into my healthier lifestyle, I tried a few different diets including veganism and pescaterian. For awhile, I felt a lot healthier and was happy with the diet choices I was making but eventually that changed. I started to feel tired and like my body wasn't getting the nutrients it needed. I also struggled to maintain the vegan diet with my lack of cooking skills and my boyfriend being far from vegan. After about 8 months, I started to incorporate dairy, poultry, and meat back into my diet but in more mindful ways. I was afraid to give up veganism for fear I would fall back into unhealthy eating habits, but I realized that wasn't true. The longer I practiced healthier eating habits, the more I started to crave good foods over junk food. Now, I reach for a a slice of gluten-free avocado toast or protein smoothie over that cheeseburger any day. Making little changes in your diet will go a long way and may even eventually have you craving healthier choices like I did. Don't ever feel like you have to label your diet, instead eat what makes you feel good.


As 2017 comes to a close, I am beyond grateful for the valuable experiences this year threw my way. I experienced joy, pain, uncertainty, laughter, fear, and love. I started the year lost without any idea of who I was or where I was going in life, but 365 days later I can say with certianty that these experiences helped me to discover a little more about myself and the life I aspire to live.


So lets hear it, what are some of the valuable and life changing experiences you had this year? Share with me in the comment section!